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"Problems of Tourism" - English Edition

Institute of Tourism has a pleasure to announce that our scientific publication "Problems of Tourism" is now available in English. Special yearly edition of "Problems of Tourism 2001" contains selection of essays from the Polish editions of quarterly "Problemy Turystyki" published in 2001. Please find below contents and abstracts of the essays.

Contents of the "Problems of Tourism" 2001:

Wiesława Marczyk, Stefan Marczyk
Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Department of Tourism
An attempt to describe tourism within flow and Transformation system categories
Recent years have seen the appearance of new theories and methods of description under the systems approach, these include e.g. "autopoiesis" (self-production), dissipative structures or description of systems dynamics by means of circular relation networks (positive and negative feedback). Systems such as the tourism sector of the economy may be described as feedback "loops". With positive feedback as its predominating feature, tourism may grow in some areas in an uncontrolled manner and at an exponential rate. It is also a system where stability is particularly difficult to maintain, because negative feedback do not work automatically in such areas (e.g. in the area of environmental protection).
Key words: tourism, economy, system, feedback

Teresa Buczak
Institute of Tourism, Warsaw
Tax revenues of the state budget generated by tourism
Discussions about the economic evaluation of tourism function in the state economy are held in many scientific and economic circles. The share of tourism in the generation of tax revenues of the state budget is one factor of this evaluation. The interdisciplinary character of tourism restricts the measurement of this factor. The solution lies in the application of the tourism satellite account method that is based upon the rules of national accounts. This method is not frequently used because it requires many staff and entails high costs. The volume of tax revenues turned over to the central budget by tourism industry companies was calculated with the consideration of these restrictions; it is based on the statistical data provided by the GUS (Central Statistical Office) for the years 1996-98.
Key words: tax revenues, state budget, GDP, tourism economy, tourism industry

Lucyna Wojtasiewicz
Academy of Economics in Poznań, Regional Economy Research Centre
Tourism and co-operating sectors - their functions in development strategy of the Wielkopolska province
Tourism in the comprehensive programme of the provincial development: tourism as one of the objectives and goals on the agenda of the local administration.
Key words: tourism, province, development strategy

Agnieszka Niezgoda
Academy of Economics in Poznań, Tourism Department
Marketing of tourist areas
Importance of marketing activities in the areas aspiring to become tourist regions is presented in the article. Marketing of tourist areas should include the presented hereinafter concepts of territorial, area, communal, internal or non-profit marketing. The basic territorial units such as communes should make a good use of the neighbouring communes' similarity as regards their natural attractiveness and create tourist areas in order to attract potential clients through the use of new marketing concepts.
Key words: marketing, tourist area, region, instruments of marketing-mix

Ewa Średzińska
Poznań University of Economics, Department of Tourism
Privatisation through the stock exchange: a case study of Orbis S.A.
This article presents an analysis of a state owned tourist company going public. Described is a complex process of privatisation, spanning the disciplines of law, economy and marketing. Benefits and disadvantages of being a public company are discussed.
Key words: privatisation and commercialisation, public offering of shares, pros and cons of issuing new shares, ownership changes

Andrzej Jagusiewicz
Institute of Tourism, Warsaw
Tourism and health care in Polish health resorts
The paper gives a review of Polish health resorts with their basic characteristics and an assessment of tourism attractiveness of the health resort communes. Therapeutic and sanatorium facilities in provinces, communes and individual localities are presented. Tourism hospitality infrastructure in communes with health resort status is analysed.
Key words: health resorts, health tourism, and health resort therapy.

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